8530 Rider Stacker

  • Raymond's 8530 stacker forks
    Raymond lift trucks provide versatile material handling solutions

    Versatile Pallet Handling

    Handle pallets of all sizes and types with 42” ITA forks.
    Versatile Pallet Handling
  • Raymond's 8530  superior load handling
    Raymond lift trucks provide maneuverability

    Superior Load Handling

    Move more pallets and pick more cases per hour with quick acceleration and smoother directional changes.
    Superior Load Handling
  • Raymond 8530 Rider Stacker ergonomics
    Raymond ergonomic lift trucks

    Ergonomically Designed

    Includes contoured back pad, height adjustable control handle, and large operator compartment.
    Ergonomically Designed

Lower Your Cost-Per-Move for Pallets of All Sizes.

The Raymond 8530 Rider Stacker lets you handle loads at the floor or first level, and to interface with racks and conveyors. The 8530 Rider Stacker is ideal for horizontal transport, low-level order picking, and vertical pallet handling applications (up to 72”).
  • Battery: 24 volt
  • Capacity: 2,500 lbs.
  • Elevated Height: 72"
  • 3030 Raymond Courier Automated Stacker

    Interested in Automation?

    As labor availability—and affordability— continues to be a challenge, Raymond offers automated stackers to enhance efficiency and productivity in a wide array of applications.

    See how the 3030 Raymond Courier Automated Stacker can offer a versatile, flexible, automated solution for a wide variety of horizontal transport and vertical pallet handling applications.

  • Raymond Sideloader Dual AC Drive Motors

    Durable Drive Motor*

    Solid steel ball bearing drive system delivers longer life and smoother steering. Requires less maintenance reducing the total cost of ownership.

    *Product feature may not be the image displayed.
  • Debris Diversion Hub Design

    Prevents debris from damaging the drive seal.
  • Raymond 8410 End Rider Pallet Truck Ductile Iron Undercarriage

    Ductile Iron*

    Ductile iron in the frame supports the drive motor with almost twice the yield strength of steel.

    *Product feature may not be the image displayed.
  • ACR® System

    Our exclusive ACR System provides quick and efficient AC traction and smooth, responsive control. ACR delivers more uptime, fewer battery changes and fewer moving parts resulting in less maintenance needed and lower maintenance costs.
  • Pengate's selection of electric forklift batteries for any brand truck

    Greater Energy Efficiency

    The ACR System and right-sized drive motor deliver longer battery run time, fewer battery changes over the course of a shift, less batteries required overall, and lower costs for your operations.
  • 8530 Operating compartment

    Roomy Operating Compartment

    A roomy, cushioned operating compartment with padded lean points provides easy access from either side, allowing operators to pick more quickly, conveniently, and efficiently.
  • Ergonomic Backrest

    Offers greater operator confidence and features a contoured, height-adjustable back pad that adjusts to operators of all sizes.
  • pallet jack with power steering

    Height-Adjustable Control Handle

    Offers more customizable, comfortable operation, by ensuring that the operator’s hands remain in a neutral, natural position.
  • Effective maintenance management systems allow you to better manage and understand warehouse maintenance costs

    Handle Components

    Hall effect sensors in the handle replace potentiometers, and do not contact, which minimizes wear. CAN bus technology eliminates 40% of the wiring, minimizing time needed for wiring and troubleshooting.
  • Raymond 8000 Series Pallet Trucks Stainless Steel Pins

    Stainless Pins

    Provide longer component life and easier maintenance of the undercarriage. Standard steel pins commonly rust and corrode. The use of stainless steel pins prevents corrosion in wet environments and eases removal efforts.
  • Speed-Sensitive Steering

    PowerSteer provides speed-sensitive steering for smooth, controlled operation at all speeds.
  • PowerSteer

    PowerSteer significantly reduces the effort required to maneuver the truck, resulting in increased operator comfort and control for greater productivity.
  • Horizontal Transport

    Applications should not burden a truck with extensive capability to only transport horizontally. Stackers are a cost-effective method for horizontal transport where first level stacking is required. Stackers offer order picking functionality, and the able to move multiple types and sizes of pallets, maximizing productivity.

  • Product / Pallet Moves

    The 8530 Rider Stacker is suited for distribution and manufacturing operations, including pick-up and drop-off, end-of-aisle, end-of-line and conveyor picking applications.

  • Low Level Order Picking

    Boost throughput and pick rates with reliable, high performance Raymond rider stackers. We can customize our vast selection of lift trucks to enhance efficiency in order picking applications.

  • Raymond 8530

    Accessory Bar

    Interfaces with RAM-mounted accessories to put additional operator tools at their fingertips; available with optional work light and fan.

  • three Raymond Lithium Ion Batteries

    Lithium-Ion Battery

    These batteries are designed to seamlessly integrate into your lift trucks providing numerous benefits including longer runtime, quicker recharge time, increased performance, and decreased cost of ownership.

  • Raymond 8530 Storage

    Storage Tray

    The optional storage tray helps to keep work tools organized and at your operators’ fingertips for added convenience and productivity throughout the shift.

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