4810 Sit Down Forklift

  • 4810, performance stability system
    Raymond lift trucks provide stability for operator confidence

    Performance Stability System™

    Helps minimize damage to goods and facilities with automatic turn speed control, active mast control, and active rear axle swing lock.

    Performance Stability System™
  • 4810, all weather protection
    Raymond durable lift trucks

    All-Weather protection

    Safeguards components against rain, moisture, and other elements.
    All-Weather protection
  • 4810, zero emissions
    Raymond lift trucks are engineered for Eco-Performance

    Zero Emissions and Reduced Fuel and Maintenance Costs

    With a powerful, rechargeable 80V battery, no spark plugs, and no required oil changes or tune-ups.
    Zero Emissions and Reduced Fuel and Maintenance Costs
  • 4810, ergonomic operator compartment
    Raymond ergonomic lift trucks

    Ergonomic Operator Compartment

    Includes a fully adjustable, full-suspension, cushioned seat, tilt steering wheel, and ergonomically placed controls for greater comfort and productivity.
    Ergonomic Operator Compartment

Take Greater Productivity into the Great Outdoors.

The Raymond 4810 Sit-Down Counterbalanced truck is a high-capacity, high performance electric forklift designed to operate more efficiently, comfortably, and productively in both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Battery: 80 volts
  • Capacity: 8,000 lbs. to 11,000 lbs.
  • Travel Speed: 11 mph
  • Turning Radius: 100.1" - 105.7"
  • ACR® System

    Our exclusive ACR System for both drive and lift provides faster, smoother operation.
  • 4810, efficiency operator display

    Multifunction Operator Display

    Increased operator awareness with a multifunction operator display that includes a speedometer, battery state of charge, fork tilt indicator, and more.
  • 4810, efficiency power select

    Power Select Functions

    Selectable modes for optimal power or efficiency as needed.
  • 4810, regenerative braking

    Regenerative Braking

    Coast, plug and foot brake extends operating hours per battery charge and extends service life.
  • 4810, ergonomic auto parking brake

    Auto Parking Brake

    Automatically sets parking brake if not engaged by operator.
  • 4810, ergonomic operator compartment

    Ergonomic Operator Compartment

    Includes a fully adjustable, full-suspension, cushioned seat, and tilt steering wheel.
  • 4810, ergonomic armrest

    Armrest with Fingertip Hydraulic Controls with Auto Power Off Button

    Ergonomically placed controls for greater comfort and productivity.
  • 4810, main drive system

    AC Drive and Lift Motors

    Fewer wearable parts deliver more uptime, more performance per battery charge and lower maintenance costs.
  • Effective maintenance management systems allow you to better manage and understand warehouse maintenance costs

    Maintenance Minder

    A visual reminder to the operator or maintenance staff that scheduled maintenance is due.
  • 4810, no tool floorboard

    No-Tool Floorboard

    Can be removed with no tools, allowing easy access to the hydraulic tank.
  • 4810, wet disk brakes

    Wet-Disc Brakes

    Minimized maintenance and maximized reliable operation with oil-cooled disc brakes that keep dirt out and eliminate brake dust and debris.
  • 4810, hang-on sideshift

    Hang-On Sideshift

    Shift a load from side to side for reduced handling time and improved maneuverability.
  • 4810, open mast view

    Open View Mast

    Gives operators a clear line of sight to the load for increased efficiency and reduced product damage.
  • 4810, precision load handling

    Precision Load Handling

    Provides more precise load control with quick response steering and smooth hydraulics.
  • 4810, programmable performance

    Programmable Performance

    Allows vehicle performance to be set to the desired speed, reducing product damage and increasing confidence and productivity.
  • 4810, all weather protection

    All-Weather Protection

    Safeguards components against rain, moisture, and other elements.

    *Shown with optional features
  • 4810, hang-on sideshift

    Hang-On Sideshift

    Hang-on function allows for the ability to change between various attachments.
  • 4810, precision load handling

    Specialized Load Handling

    The quick response steering and smooth hydraulics provide more precise load control.
  • Agriculture

  • Brick, Block, Pipe, and Concrete

  • Lumber and Building Materials

  • Ports and Containers

  • Attachments

  • Attachments

    Raymond Sit-Down Counterbalanced lift trucks, known for their superior quality and versatility can be taken to the next level by incorporating a variety of Cascade attachments designed to push, pull, clamp, or rotate virtually any load. We can work with you to determine the ideal attachment for your forklift and tailor it to your unique operation.

  • Cold Storage

    Protects sensitive lift truck control systems with hydraulic, mechanical and electrical components that are matched to different temperature levels.

  • Lights

    Variety of headlight configuration options, front or rear combination lights, strobe lights, rear work lights, and floor spot lights.

  • Variety of Cabin Options

    Including steel cabin, cabin without doors, canvas cabin – all with front windshield, wiper, and roof.

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