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    Lift-Rite is a line of high-quality, low price equipment designed to enhance productivity in operations of all sizes. From material handling to facility maintenance, these everyday solutions can help you perform a variety of tasks more quickly, easily and securely.

    In stock and available for quick shipment through our nationwide network of Sales & Service Centers, Lift-Rite can be in your hand - and on your floor - fast. Take your business to the next level with a line of solutions offering a unique combination of reliability, durability and affordability.

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  • Forklift Training The Right Way

    Designed to help protect your people, equipment, facilities, and materials, E-Learning Safety On The Move is a training program for lift truck operators that can help you comply with applicable government regulations and OSHA mandates.

    We offer a variety of industry-leading solutions designed to educate forklift operators on best practices in material handling environments. All programs can be tailored to meet your specific needs, applications, and workforce for greater impact and better results.

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