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    "What AS/RS Solution Is Right For Your Operation?"

    WorkplaceMHS.com; Look for a partner who will look at the situation holistically. Often, an AS/RS may be only one component of an overall solution. The Raymond Corporation and its network of Solutions and Support Centers recently announced its Intralogistics Solutions initiative--working together on a portfolio of integrated solutions that focuses on optimizing space and connecting products and data to help the customer identify the best direction for automation.

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    "Forklift History: The Complete Story"

    Logistics Brief; The modern-day pallet was invented by George G. Raymond, founder of the Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation.

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    "Tech Update: Automated Storage And Retrieval Systems Offer Challenges, Benefits And New Technology "

    Food Engineering; Rick Dionne, automation sales engineer at Abel Womack, a solutions and support center for the warehouse solutions provider Raymond Corp., agrees. He says that by eliminating forklift trips down storage aisles and widely placed racking, AS/RS implementation can save storage and floor space and maximize storage utilization by using the full height of the warehouse and high-density, deep-lane racking.

  • 07.01.2021

    "National Forklift Safety Day 2021 Puts Safety In Context"

    DC Velocity; Michael G. Field, National Forklift Safety Day chair and president and CEO, The Raymond Corp., noted that it is the customer's responsibility to configure its trucks properly, use them correctly, and adhere to OSHA safety training standards.

  • 07.01.2021

    "Rollouts: Intralogistics Solutions"

    DC Velocity; The Raymond Corp., a provider of material handling products and intelligent intralogistics solutions, has unveiled a suite of intralogistics solutions to help material handling operations stay efficient and productive.

  • 07.01.2021

    "Raymond Introduces Next-Generation Real-Time Location System"

    Material Handling Wholesaler; Raymond introduces the next-generation iWAREHOUSE® RTLS (iW.RTLS), a real-time location system. This operator assist technology is the newest addition to Raymond’s end-to-endless intralogistics solutions.

  • 07.01.2021

    "Keep It Simple, Kids"

    DC Velocity; David Norton, Vice President of Customer Solutions and Support, discusses what you need to do before you can think about automating your DC's operations.

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    "High-Capacity Truck Can Lift 4,500 Pounds"

    Modern Material Handling; Especially ideal for cold storage and freezer applications, the Raymond High Capacity Reach-Fork truck can lift more than 4,500 pounds.

  • 06.25.2021

    "Real-Time Location System For Warehouse Equipment"

    Inside Logistics; Raymond introduces the next-generation iWAREHOUSE RTLS (iW.RTLS), a real-time location system reinforcing facility rules and supporting proper lift truck operation by slowing a Raymond lift truck down or bringing it to a controlled stop within a facility’s defined zones.