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  • 05.01.2022

    "Culture of Innovation"

    MHI Solutions; In the recent article, Culture of Innovation, President and CEO Michael Field discusses how focusing innovation around problem-solving and finding better solutions for customers helps nurture a culture of innovation.

  • 04.22.2022

    "Carts, Hand Trucks Indispensable in Last Mile Delivery"

    Beverage Industry; In the Beverage Industry article, Carts, Hand Trucks Indispensable in Last Mile Delivery, Raymond’s Chad Kritzman notes that more ergonomic features and operator assist technologies are moving pallet trucks to the next level, along with making sure powered equipment has the energy to last through a shift.

  • 04.15.2022

    "How Technology Affects Order-picking and Decision Making"

    Control Design; In the article, How Technology Affects Order-picking and Decision Making, Raymond’s Martin-Buena Franco discusses how material handling technologies and automation can change warehouse functions and what the future may hold.

  • 03.21.2022

    "RIT Researchers Design System to Smarten Up Warehouse Robots"

    MH&L; By integrating LiDAR sensors and AI (artificial intelligence), researchers at the Rochester Institute of Technology are developing an intelligent material handling system for warehouses. In the article, RIT Researchers Design System to Smarten Up Warehouse Robots, RIT professor Michael Kuhl emphasizes the team’s efforts were made possible by a $300,000 project grant sponsored by The Raymond Corporation.

  • 03.10.2022

    "Utilizing Training and Technology to Maintain Operator Well-Being"

    Food Logistics; In this recent article, Utilizing Training and Technology to Maintain Operator Well-Being, Raymond’s Steve Gorr details how integrating continuous training and education into company culture makes for a secure and enjoyable work environment.

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    "Four Areas Of Connected Technology Industry 4.0 Brings To Facilities"

    Forbes; In this Forbes article, Jim discusses the move toward Industry 4.0 and how connected technologies are ultimately optimizing, connecting and automating operations.

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    "15 Emerging Technologies Sure To Change How The Business Development Industry Operates"

    Forbes; Contributing as part of Forbes expert panel, Jim provides insights into how connected technologies will provide added visibility throughout an organization and allow operations to gain more insights into what optimizations are necessary to increase productivity.

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    "What Business Leaders Should Know About Lithium-Ion Battery Applications"

    Forbes; Jim highlights the many advantages of implementing lithium-ion and discusses how advances in energy technologies will continue to be instrumental in shaping the way facilities operate and stay competitive.

  • 07.16.2021

    "Optimize, Connect, Automate"

    DC Velocity; Raymond's intralogistics solutions empower companies to optimize, connect and automate their operations with a variety of tools and services.