FORBES: Lessons from Lean Management for Any Industry

  • Forbes, 2021 Official Member, Business Development Council

    In Forbes recent article, Lessons from Lean Management for any Industry, Raymond Vice President of Sales Jim O’Brien discusses how minor improvements in efficiency, innovation, and production can have an enormous influence on profits through lean management. Operations are looking for an edge in every sector of their business whether that is through shorter lead times in the supply chain, enhanced quality of products, or an increase in waste reduction efforts. Lean management can help organizations achieve all that and more.


  • "Lift Trucks join the connected enterprise"
    Modern Materials Handling; John Rosenberger, director of iWarehouse Gateway and global telematics, interview in article highlighting how warehouses and executives can use data and modern innovations to improve efficiency, products and systems in the manufacturing industry, January 2019
  • "Five innovations moving the modern warehouse"
    Plant Engineering; five trends to implement into warehouses to keep pace with marketplace demands and growth, including integrating telematics systems and implementing automated solutions., November 2018
  • "Optimize Then Automate: Maximizing Productivity in Your Warehouse"
    IMPO; Raymond's John Rosenberger and Chris Merta discuss ways warehouses can optimize their space and time, leading to a more productive workforce and drive cost savings, October 2018
  • "Virtual Reality Is the New Reality"
    IndustryWeek; Raymond's CEO, Mike Field, explains how virtual reality education can help instruct forklift operators and attract new talent to the material handling industry, September 2018
  • "Lift Truck Technician Training: Behind the scenes"
    Modern Materials Handling; Raymond's Mike Ballas explains Raymond’s tech training program and the company’s focus on positive impacts on service levels, September 2018
  • "Lift Truck Tips: New accounting rules to impact operations"
    Material Handling 24/7; Sue Rice, Raymond's marketing manager, leasing, discusses how the new FASB13 accounting rules may impact companies’ financial and operational procedures, September 2018
  • "From Washington to your warehouse"
    DC Velocity; Sue Rice, marketing manager for Raymond Leasing Corporation, explains how recent tax provisions may change the way companies look at leasing vs. buying equipment, August 2018
  • "MRO Best Practices: Are you ready for Predictive Maintenance?
    Modern Materials Handling; John Rosenberger interview highlighting the benefits and cost-savings predictive maintenance can offer, August 2018
  • "Virtual Reality Delivers Actual Results"
    Modern Materials Handling; This case study discusses how Ginsberg’s Foods used the Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator to on-board new operators quicker and provide a consistent educational experience for employees, August 2018
  • "Addressing the Skills Gap"
    Supply Chain Management Review; Dave Norton explains how the Broome-Tioga Workforce New York Opportunity Impact Warehouse Training Program and Virtual Reality are helping to address the skilled labor gap for warehouse and distribution center positions, July 2018
  • "The Future of Forklifts"
    Refrigerated & Frozen Food; Susan Comfort, product manager for narrow aisle Reach trucks, discusses the technological advancements driving the forklift industry forward, including Raymond's high capacity Reach truck, July 2018
  • “Munster, Ind., Supply Chain Executive with Raymond Corp. Earns Professional Designation"
    IWLA; Tim Osmulski, director of supply chain and logistics for The Raymond Corporation was recognized as a Certified Warehouse Logistics Professional (CWLP) for his professional accomplishments and dedication to the warehouse logistics industry, June 2018
  • "New industrial trucks give Bonide's DC operations a lift"
    DC Velocity; Bonide partnered with Pengate Handling Systems, a Raymond authorized Sales & Service Center, to assess its processes and fleet and provide recommendations for improvement, June 2018
  • "Today's Optimized Facility: Using big data to right-size and right-type your fleet"
    Plant Services; iWAREHOUSE's John Rosenberger and Jason Fiume explain that a telematics system gives real-time information about fleet and operator performance and helps determine how many lift trucks and what types a facility needs, May 2018
  • "Say “hello” to your new co-worker"
    Inside Logistics; Chris Merta, product manager of automation at Raymond, provides insights about how AGVs and telematics increase productivity and save on costs, May 2018

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