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From labor and social distancing to ensuring your facility is optimized before implementing any new technologies, join Raymond’s LinkedIn Live forums as we discuss a number of topics to help optimize your operations and navigate current and future challenges. The live events will be an open forum for viewer questions and will include powerful discussion on a variety of intralogistics solutions. If you are not able to make it to one of the forums, check back here for on-demand videos of prerecorded LinkedIn Live forums.

Upcoming LinkedIn Live Forums
Join us for Raymond’s LinkedIn Live forums with host John Slavik, Senior Manager of Intelligent Warehouse Solutions at Raymond, and a number of special guests as they discuss the challenges that many supply chain, warehousing and distribution centers experience and how intelligent intralogistics solutions can empower operations to be more productive and efficient.

Leveraging Operator Assist Technologies to Increase Productivity

Warehouses and distribution centers are facing a variety of obstacles from SKU proliferation to labor challenges with every movement or action being critical--and each one of those connected to other movements or actions. These heightened pressures are driving accelerated technology integrations that can increase operator proficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Raymond’s iWAREHOUSE™ Product Manager of RTLS, ObjectSense and Pick2Pallet™ Erica Moyer joins LinkedIn Live host John Slavik to discuss innovative operator assist technologies that can be added to the base layer of Raymond trucks. Discover how solutions such as Raymond’s new Real-Time Location Systems, the Pick2Pallet LED Light System, iWAREHOUSE ObjectSense Detection System and more create integrated systems that can further increase operator efficiency and improve employee retention.

  • LinkedIn Live Forum: Leveraging Operator Assist Technologies to Increase Productivity on August 18, at noon Central Time.

    Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 at Noon EST

    John Slavik, Senior Manager of Intelligent Warehouse Solutions, The Raymond Corporation


    Erica Moyer, iWAREHOUSE™ Product Manager of RTLS, ObjectSense and Pick2Pallet, The Raymond Corporation

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