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  • How does it know where it is?

    The navigation system on the Raymond Courier compares visual and odometry data, such as steering angle and speed, with the data learned when a route is first programmed.

  • How does it know where to go?

    The operator uses the operator interface to identify the start, drop and end locations for the route.

    He then presses the green start button to dispatch the truck on the selected route.

  • How does it get there?

    Once the truck is dispatched in automated mode, the navigation system calculates the shortest path within the programmed route network.

  • What if there is an obstruction?

    The primary obstruction sensor identifies obstructions in the truck’s path.


    • If an obstruction is identified in the Slow Field, the Raymond Courier will reduce travel speed to 1.1 mph. The Slow Field turns with the truck around corners

    • If an obstruction is detected within the Stop Field, the Raymond Courier will come to a stop

  • More operational information

    Behaviors that can be programmed into truck routes include:


    • Pauses
    • Slowing down
    • Horn honks
    • Wait
    • Ramps


    The navigation system optimizes for the shortest route within a route network.



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The automatic lift truck is supported and serviced by Raymond's nationwide network.

This tried-and-true truck design is supported and serviced by Raymond's nationwide network of authorized Sales and Service Centers.

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The Raymond Courier Automatic Lift Truck
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