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IN SMALLER SPACES The Raymond 7310 Reach-Fork® truck is designed with four-directional travel capability — called 4-D® — increasing storage space and aiding operators in handling long, bulky loads with less damage. + Reduce aisle widths by eliminating the need 
 for wide aisles and right-angle turns
+ Improve speed and efficiency in operations
+ Pick and place loads more precisely and 
 in less time
QUICK SPECS The 7310 4-D Reach-Fork® truck fills the need for a typical reach truck user who has to handle loads wider than the common pallet width: + 36-Volt
+ Four-directional
+ Wide load handling up to 22’
+ 4,500 lb. max capacity
+ 268” maximum elevated height


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The automatic lift truck is supported and serviced by Raymond's nationwide network.

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