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March 20-23, 2023 | McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago, IL

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    Whether you’re a new customer, an old friend or someone who’s just starting the journey toward optimization, catch up with us at ProMat 2023 and learn how we can help solve your material handling challenges.

    Visit us at Booths S1903 and S1703.

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    Now in our 100th year of operation, we at The Raymond Corporation are your source for material handling equipment and services, including automated guided vehicles; automated storage and retrieval systems; telematics; labor and fleet management tools; and automation and process consulting, engineering and optimization. Powered by best-in-class methodologies, innovative products and data-driven insights, our intralogistics solutions help customers increase efficiency and productivity through the
    optimization of people and processes.

Highlights and Updates

Optimize, Connect and Automate With Raymond at ProMat 2023!

Power Up with Raymond's Newest Integrated Energy and Intralogistics Solutions

Making the Most of Your Data with Connected Technologies

Preparing Your Facility for Integrated Automation Solutions

2023 Seminars

  • Reduce Costs and Improve Operational Visibility With Smart, Connected Warehouses

    Reduce Costs and Improve Operational Visibility With Smart, Connected Warehouses 

    Learn how you can reduce operating costs and acquire critical performance data by using connected equipment, advanced telematics, and digital labor, fleet and asset
    management solutions.

    TUESDAY, MARCH 21 | 11:15 A.M. TO 12:00 P.M. | THEATER H


    headshot of Keith Ingels 
    Jarrod Hubbard

    Director of Core Sales
    The Raymond Corporation


    headshot of Derrick Miller 
    Martin Buena-Franco

    Manager of Automation Products Marketing
    The Raymond Corporation



  • Navigate Operational Challenges & Maximize Labor Productivity

    Navigate Operational Challenges and Maximize Labor Productivity With Complete Intralogistics Solutions

    Optimize. Integrate. Automate. They’re not just buzzwords. Learn how effective management of information, processes and materials can boost employee engagement, morale, creativity and retention.

    WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22 | 12:00 P.M. TO 12:45 P.M. | THEATER A


    headshot of Keith Ingels 
    Keith Ingels

    Lean Management Manager
    of Solutions and Support Centers
    The Raymond Corporation

    headshot of Derrick Miller 
    Derrick Miller

    Regional Sales Manager, iWAREHOUSE
    The Raymond Corporation


Tools for the Business of Movement

Stop by Booths S1903 and S1703 to see and learn more about our
complete line of intralogistics solutions.

  • Black and white view of inside of a warehouse material handling

    Material Handling Equipment

    From lift trucks to automated guided vehicles, from pallet jacks to orderpickers to the latest in telematics — we provide the technologies, the systems and the turnkey solutions that bring new levels of performance to warehouse and distribution operations.

  • Black and white view of inside of warehouse of a man next to a red Raymonds vehicle.

    Connected Technologies

    Gather critical performance data; connect your fleet, assets and workforce; and improve productivity, accuracy and reliability — all with our intelligent warehouse solutions.

  • Black and white view of inside of a warehouse of a Red Raymond forklift moving pallets.


    If you need a single partner for your entire automation journey, let’s talk. We can design and build an optimized, automated and integrated system to handle all your pallet and product movements, regardless of the size or skill level of your workforce.

  • Black and white view of inside of a warehouse of two people talking

    Support Services

    When you partner with us, you’re not just getting award-winning material handling equipment. We also offer critical services like power studies, fleet evaluations and process optimization, along with flexible service, maintenance and financing options.

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Optimize. Connect. Automate.

We can help you evaluate automation as a part of your entire operation and then build a
system based on your specific facilities and function, helping you meet and overcome the
challenges of increasing customer demands, rising operational costs and difficult labor markets. How?

  • Two people talking inside a warehouse with a notebook and laptop in front of them.

    Optimize Current Processes

    By using lean management techniques, we can help optimize your current facilities and processes to eliminate waste throughout the operation.

    • Lean Management Consulting
    • Process Design and Evaluation

  • Tablet with data on the screen showing telematic solutions

    Connect People, Equipment and Materials

    Our telematic solutions connect the different parts of your operation to help manage assets, gather data and shape insights.

    • Labor Management
    • Asset and Maintenance Management
    • Location and Operator Assist Systems

  • Red Raymond vehicle in warehouse with a box on the back of the Raymond vehicle

    Automate for Peak Productivity

    Our family of material handling equipment can help automate your operations to make processes repeatable, consistent and cost-effective.

    • Automated Guided Vehicles
    • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
    • Robotic Systems

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    and consultation services.