Raymond is proud to support National Forklift Safety Day!

Training is vital to enhance the security and efficiency of your operation. Raymond can help your business take meaningful action by optimizing, connecting and automating your operation with technologies and learning solutions that, together, help instill best practices throughout your warehouse.

Using principles of lean management to fully understand each facility, incorporating VR learning tools and supporting with operator assist technologies that can increase operator proficiency, accuracy and productivity are all part of Raymond’s full suite of Safety on The Move® solutions.

  • 5 Steps to Operator Safety on the Move

  • 5 Steps to Pedestrian Safety on the Move

Comprehensive Forklift Training Programs

  • Forklift Operator Training


    A comprehensive, modular online program designed to enhance the knowledge and skill of both new and experienced forklift operators.

  • Classroom Sessions

    In-person, hands-on instruction provided by Certified Trainers from your local Raymond Sales & Service Center. Classes can be held at your facility or ours for added ease and convenience.

  • Virtual Reality Simulator

    A unique, engaging teaching tool that places operators on an actual lift truck in the most realistic virtual warehouse environments to face real-world challenges and receive real-time feedback.

Beyond in-depth, innovative training options, Raymond also offers an array of programs, systems, and technologies that assist, track, and optimize labor for the smarter, more secure movement of goods through your facility.

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    Request a free “Steps to Safety on the Move” poster to be displayed in or around your warehouse to show the best practice for a safe work environment.