Building, Improving and Giving Back

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    500,000 electric lift trucks designed and built…and counting

    Raymond manufactured our 500,000th electric lift truck in 2016. But we not only manufacture forklifts, we’re continually evolving to ensure we deliver efficient, effective and innovative forklifts, as well as end-to-end warehouse solutions tailored to meet our customers’ changing needs. Raymond’s core principles of innovation, quality and service keep our customers operations productive and efficient.

    “Everything you touch, eat, and wear has been moved with a forklift multiple times throughout the course of a day. It is a completely invisible industry to most people that has a great impact on our daily lives.”

    Tim Combs, President of Sales and Marketing,
    The Raymond Corporation

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    50,000 kaizens reached…with the help of over 1,600 employees

    Raymond follows Toyota Production System (TPS) principles in all areas of our operations. A major component of TPS is looking for efficiency and enhancing quality, and focusing on continuous improvement. That’s where 50,000 kaizens of incremental improvements over 10 years really adds up—thanks to all the efforts and participation from over 1,600 employees.

    "Part of our core DNA is around continuous improvement, and having our employees contribute good ideas for that improvement. Every year we get thousands of suggestions from our people. Some are small, some are big, but all are important. And we have a whole team that works on those.”

    Rick Harrington, Senior Vice President of Operations,
    The Raymond Corporation

    Raymond Corporation

    Giving back to non-profit and educational organizations…getting back a whole lot more

    Raymond and its employees continuously support a number of nonprofit organizations with their time, donations and participation in fundraising events, giving to over 140 non-profit and educational organizations in 2016. Through financial contributions, facility tours, cooperative and other programs, Raymond continually collaborates with high schools, trade schools, colleges and universities looking to revolutionize the future through mentorship, collaboration and inspiration.

    "Every year, it continues to be important for Raymond to give back. Through our work with nonprofits, we can help support causes that align with our own values. Raymond, too, is dedicated to the organizations and events that really make an impact on students and ready them to be the future workforce."

    Steve VanNostrand, Executive Vice President, Human Resources
    The Raymond Corporation

2017 is a year to celebrate 95 years of Innovation…in Raymond’s DNA since 1922.

    Why choose Raymond for your material handling needs? As a global provider of end to end warehouse solutions, including high-performing electric forklifts, fleet management solutions, forklift training and support, we work hard to help customers increase efficiency and lower costs throughout their material handling operations.

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