• automate, may 22 - 25, 2023, Huntington place convention center, detroit MI
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    Automate Your Systems. Accelerate Your Business.

    If you’re heading to this year’s Automate Show, be sure to stop by booths 1000 and 1003 for a total-systems approach from Raymond, Anderson Material Handling, and Integrated Systems Design.

    No matter where you are on your automation journey, let our integrated team of experts help you take the next step. From flexible, scalable automated material handling equipment, to robotics, telematics, and innovative intralogistics solutions, we offer a single-source provider that helps you plan, implement and support the right solution for your operation.

    Talk to us about designing a tailored automated solution around your specific applications and facility to help your business run more quickly, efficiently, reliably, and consistently.

Raymond Courier 3020 Automated Tow Tractor
with K.Hartwall LiftLiner Tow-Train System

  • tugger

    Designed to automate horizontal towing in numerous operations, this system is ideal for the transfer of parts to production lines, finished goods to warehouse facilities, and batch picking, as well as end-of-line applications when automated conveyor carts are needed.


    • Allows labor to be used for more value-added tasks by automating repetitive, horizontal transport applications.
    • Can be operated in automated or manual mode, with the flexibility to do both.
    • Enhances the flow of goods through your facility with multiple pallet transport.
    • A flexible, scalable solution that lets you quickly and easily add or modify routes, and add trucks as your needs change.

Conveyors and Gravity flow rack

  • conveyors

    The right storage, organization, and transport of products within a facility are critical to the effectiveness of an operation. Raymond offers end-to-end storage systems and handling solutions designed to keep your goods—and your business—moving.


    • Help automate a variety of processes including transporting, sorting, loading, unloading, and more.
    • Cost-effective and efficient way to move material from one location to another.
    • Straight and L-shaped conveyors customized to suit the specific needs of your application.
    • Gravity Flow Rack offers efficient and energy-efficient conveyor-feeding system that uses gravity to move products.

Industrial Robotics

  • robotic arm

    From robotic pallet assembly and disassembly to picking activities, we can help you evaluate your options to optimize and then automate a variety of daily material handling tasks.

    Collaborative Robotic Arm

    • Designed to work alongside humans in a efficient manner.
    • On display performing a pick-and-place application with a conveyor system.
    • Capable of working 24/7 without breaks for increased productivity and throughput.
    • Easily programmed by non-technical personnel for simple integration into existing processes.
    • Often a cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Three Companies. Two Booths. One Partner.

  • the raymond corporation

    The Raymond Corporation

    Raymond has been a world leader in the material handling industry for more than 100 years. Our intralogistics solutions — including integrated automation, telematics, virtual reality, and advanced energy solutions — help customers run better and manage smarter.

  • andersen material handling

    Andersen Material Handling

    Andersen Material Handling helps customers move goods to where they need to be—on time, every time. Proudly serving businesses from Michigan to Florida, the Caribbean to South America, we partner with customers to deliver the right products, tailor the ideal solutions, and maximize operational efficiency.

  • integrated systems design

    Integrated Systems Design

    ISD offers expert consulting, design, implementation, and service of automated systems, helping customers in all corners of the material handling industry to optimize throughput and minimize costs.

From initial consultation to implementation and ongoing support, visit us at Automate 2023 for a single, end-to-end solutions partner who can help you optimize, connect, and automate your operation.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!