Raymond 8000 Series Pallet Trucks | Electric Pallet Jacks

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    Engineered to Outperform

    Designed to take your day-to-day warehouse operations to a new level of performance, our electric pallet trucks are manufactured with top of the line components and innovative technologies that work together to give you the power and flexibility when you need it.

    Whether you are trying to accommodate single or multiple shifts, light or heavy throughput and applications ranging from over-the-road to horizontal transport to order picking we will work with you to select the truck, energy source and options that are right for you.

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    Raymond Electric Walkie Pallet Jacks

    Ideal for shorter walking distances, and maneuvering in tight and congested spaces, our Walkie Pallet Trucks are engineered to provide the durability to keep you moving shift after shift while enabling your operators to move product more easily and quickly with advanced technologies integrated into every truck.

    +Lift and Go Programmability prevents unnecessary contact and wear to the undercarriage over raised surfaces like lift gates and dock plates by training operators to travel with the forks elevated.

    +Click2Creep automatically reduces speed and allows the operator to move an inch at a time with the tiller tucked tightly to the truck for superior maneuverability.

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    Committed to innovation and alternative energy, our fully integrated lithium-ion powered Walkie pallet truck enables you to recharge quickly and conveniently, run longer with consistent power even in temperatures that dip down to -20°F, and maneuver more easily with the tightest turning radius in the industry.

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    Raymond Rider Pallet Jacks

    Ideal for longer distance hauls and low level order picking, our Rider Pallet Jacks and Tow Tractor are versatile trucks that allow you to go from dock to stock quickly and seamlessly. These trucks boast features designed to keep your operators comfortable throughout each shift while providing enhanced confidence to maximize productivity.

    +Ergonomic control handle fits the hand in a natural position with easy to reach and intuitive throttle controls

    +A low step height to a roomy operator platform reduces fatigue and provides added comfort with padded lean points

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    Dedicated to providing solutions that take your operations to the next level, we offer rider pallet trucks that enable access to the 2nd level load beam for increased SKU selection, improved picking accuracy, productivity and cube utilization. Different applications call for different specifications, so we offer options for you to choose from to take advantage of low level order picking.

Customization for Optimization

Further customize your pallet truck, tailoring it to your specific operations and needs, selecting the best energy source, options and technologies provided exclusively by Raymond. 

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    Advanced Energy Solutions

    Whether you are looking for traditional lead acid, thin-plate pure lead, lithium-ion, or an alternative energy to power your electric pallet trucks, we can consult with you to determine which source will maximize your efficiencies.

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    Fork Length Variations

    With a variety of fork lengths available, each truck can be configured to the application using the standard single length forks, selecting double forks to increase productivity between 20-25%, or opting for triple forks adding an additional 10% boost to productivity.

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    Pick2Pallet System

    For order fulfillment in batch picking applications, incorporate our unique Pick2Pallet LED Light System to reduce pick errors through the use of LED technology which visually reinforces product placement by directing operators to the desired customer pallet. One Pick2Pallet customer experienced an estimated 20% productivity increase and 35% reduction in pick error.

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    Cold Storage Solutions

    Operating in cold storage, harsh, and corrosive environments can take a toll on your equipment. To prolong the life of your pallet truck, we offer environmental protection options that can be applied based on your facility requirements.

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    Custom Financing Solutions

    We want to make getting a pallet truck as easy as we can for you, that’s why we offer flexible financing options to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to purchase outright, lease, or rent – we can work with you to find the solution best for you.

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