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    4000 Series Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks

Engineered for Efficiency. Built for You.

Raymond’s 4000 Series Counterbalanced Forklifts set the industry standard for productivity, versatility, and operator comfort. These intelligently engineered trucks fit your application needs with options including cold storage conditioning, specialized attachments for varied load-handling requirements, fuel cell compatibility, and are iWAREHOUSE® telematics system-ready. All while providing your operators with unmatched confidence. Packed with special features to boost operating efficiency, you can see how Raymond counterbalanced trucks don’t just get the job done, they get every job done.


Browse Our Complete Line Up of Counterbalanced Forklift Trucks

Raymond 4150 Stand Up Counterbalanced Truck

4150 Stand Up Forklift: Enhance Efficiency Without Sacrificing Output.

The Raymond 4150 Stand Up Forklift is easy to operate and maneuver in dock and warehouse applications.

Raymond Stand Up Counterbalanced Truck

4250 Stand Up Electric Lift Truck: An Economic, Ergonomic Powerhouse.

The Raymond 4250 stand up counterbalanced lift truck is a comfortable, efficient, all-purpose electric forklift.

small electric forklift

4460 3-wheel Sit Down Forklift: Do More and Do It Better.

The all-new Raymond 4460 electric sit down forklift delivers productivity, efficiency, unparalleled maneuverability and enhanced performance for a variety of applications.

Raymond forklift, sit down rider forklift

4750 4-wheel Sit Down Forklift: Gets Every Job Done.

The 4750 4-wheel electric sit down forklift is Raymond's new counterbalanced lift truck, offering improved performance and ergonomics.

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